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Prescott’s Surgical Microscopes is dedicated to providing the best service possible over the life of a surgical microscope. We cover all equipment – from new models, including the Zeiss Artevo 800 and Leica ProVeo 8, to older equipment that many OEM’s have deemed obsolete.

We offer microscope repair, preventative maintenance & optical cleaning, service contracts, and customer service with an industry-best response time.


Prescott’s is proud to be the only ISO 13485 national service provider for surgical microscopes. We cover all equipment – from new models to older equipment that many OEM’s have deemed obsolete.


Our technicians have seen it all. Need a brand new Leica model serviced? No problem. Need service on an older Zeiss model? We’ve got you covered there too. We stay up-to-date and service the latest models, like the Zeiss Artevo 800 and the Leica ProVeo 8. We are Surgical Microscope Specialists, whatever you need serviced, our experts can handle it.

Speed and Precision

Prescott’s is proud of its industry best response time. We pride ourselves on providing a network of technicians strategically based throughout the country to provide the fastest response times in the industry. Take advantage of having a single point of contact for all of your microscope needs, no matter which manufacturer or model. 24-hour guaranteed on-site response time, fixed annual service cost, and maximizing your ROI are available through our available service contracts.


We service, refurbish, and repair your existing equipment so you can avoid costly replacements, achieving 30-50% cost reduction compared to OEM microscope services.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Prescott’s microscope maintenance and cleaning services increase equipment uptime. Save time and money by reducing microscope repair costs due to expert preventative maintenance.

We offer OEM specified preventative maintenance to meet all CMMS guidelines. Preventative microscope maintenance services include full systems operations check, optical cleaning and alignment check, lubrication and maintenance, and a documented preventative maintenance checklist. Our expert surgical microscope repair technicians are certified and able to provide microscope cleaning and maintenance on Leica and Zeiss microscopes. To learn more about our Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze Coverages, please see our Service Contracts page.


Service FAQs

Are your technicians OEM certified?

Prescott’s technicians receive more training than OEM requirements. Due to the level of expertise required to service all manufacturers and models from the last 50 years, Prescott’s level of microscope knowledge and training is the best in the industry.

There are no independent regulatory institutions that define what “OEM Certified” means or any quality measures that have to be met. To ensure that our quality systems are met with the highest standards, Prescott’s has met all standardized requirements to become ISO 13485:2016 certified

Do you use OEM parts?

Yes, most parts are refurbished OEM parts that allow for substantial cost savings and come with a 2 year warranty. We also have the ability to manufacture parts that are no longer provided by the OEM in our world class machine shop.

Can you service our Zeiss Pentero?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of neuro specialist technicians specifically trained to service and repair all Zeiss Pentero needs.

Do you provide Pentero Bulb replacements?

Yes, we offer 3 different options for Pentero bulb replacement. A cost effective option for self installation, a convenient option with a bulb module exchange, or purchase a back up or replacement module for inventory.

Do you offer discounts for multiple microscopes or hospitals?

Yes, we cater our services to your needs. There are often opportunities for substantial cost savings by creating a service agreement for multiple systems or locations.

Do we need to have a service agreement?

No, we offer time and material services; however, many have found the benefit in the reliability of contracted equipment through reduction of down time through preventative maintenance and guaranteed response times.

Please feel free to contact us if your question was not answered here.





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