Hitachi HV-D30 3CCD Camera

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A 3rd generation Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip utilizing Hitachi’s most recent processing technology (0.18μm, internal core, 1.8V drive, and 3 million gates) is contained on a single newly developed ultra LSI (large scale integration) chip. The new DSP enables the camera to achieve its small size, low power consumption, and high stability. The camera is built into a compact cube with a short depth dimension for easy incorporation into systems where space is critical. The multi-functional design is conducive to a wide range of industrial, medical, and other general purpose imaging applications. High Sensitivity and High Resolution are achieved through the use of three 1/3 inch CCD’s, each with 410,000 picture elements (470,000 PAL). Together with the 12-bit analog to digital (A/D) converter and 14-bit accelerated DSP a horizontal resolution of 800TV lines and a high signal to noise ratio (S/N) of 64 dB (62 dB PAL) is obtained with the use of dynamic noise reduction (DNR). Clear high quality low noise images are now possible even in a high gain mode.


  • Adjustable Flange back
  • Auto Shading Compensation
  • Six-vector color corrector
  • Versatile color detail adjustment circuit
  • Dynamic Chroma Compensation
  • Intelligent Auto Level Control (ACL)
  • Flare Compensation
  • Full complement of video outputs
  • Can be synchronized with external devices using the genlock input or by use of external HD and VD signals.
  • External Trigger Signal
  • Compatible with Zeiss, Leica, Alcon, Haag Streit, Moller-Wedel

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