Zeiss OPMI Lumera 700

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Zeiss OPMI Lumera 700 provides the latest in ophthalmic technology as Zeiss’ flagship ophthalmic surgical microscope for Vitreo-Retinal and cataract surgery. Designed for integration of several visualization technologies and video imaging in to one single platform. The OPMI Lumera 700 provides surgeons a seamless, integrated operating microscope allowing for improved surgical outcomes.

Zeiss Resight 500 / Resight 700
Zeiss OPMI Lumera 700 surgical microscope works seamlessly with the fundus viewing system RESIGHT® 500 and RESIGHT® 700 models. Zeiss Resight 500 and Resight 700 provide high quality views of the retina. Ask us about adding the manual Resight 500 or automatic 700 models to your Zeiss surgical microscope as a kit along with Zeiss Invertertube binoculars.


  • Overhead display
  • integrated assistant observer
  • Stereo Coaxial Illumination
  • Xenon, LED or Halogen Light source option
  • Integrated Keratoscope
  • Fluorescent Filter, UV, IR and Blue Blocking Filters
  • Fast Focus for quick change between two focal planes
  • integrated Slit Illumination
  • Fundus Viewing System Compatible, including Resight 700 and 500
  • Wireless Foot Control

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