Prescott’s OmniPlus OSM200 ENT Microscope

Model Number: OSM200

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Video/Recording is available with many microscopes. All products are backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty.

Incorporating everything needed to fully concentrate on the procedure at hand. For better results, every day. With its compact, flexible and robust design, the OSM200 stand is suited for any size operating room. Prescott’s OmniPlus OSM200 ENT Microscope is manufactured new for ear, nose, and throat surgeries. Prescott’s cost-effective solution for all specialized ENT procedures allows you to obtain the best in current surgical microscope technology at a fraction of the cost. This surgical microscope has 4K video, 64GB of storage, and can be paired with a smartphone or tablet.

LED Illumination

  • Superior brightness approximating natural light, CRI 92
  • Long lasting bulb, estimated life 50,000 hours
  • 5700K Color Temperature
  • Turret Design on LED will accept multiple cable sizes
  • Silicon based liquid fiber optic cable for improved light transmission


  • Fine focus objective lens
  • 12 mm of focus travel
  • Multiple working distances available
  • 5 Step Apochromatic mag changer
  • Real Magnification 2.7X through 17X

Wall Mount

  • When procedure space is at a premium take advantage of Prescott’s wallmount, while sacrificing nothing in performance.


  • Integrated 4K Streaming video and still image capturing
  • 64G memory
  • Integrated camera can be paired with phone, tablet, or remote control
  • Designated HDMI cable for monitor display
  • Designated data cable for data transfer

Every piece of equipment has been refurbished, inspected, and tested by Certified Prescott’s Specialists

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