Leica M530 OHX

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The Leica M530 OHX surgical microscope for use in neurosurgery and minimally invasive spine procedures combines FusionOptics technology to create increased depth of field and high resolution with bright 400W xenon illumination for premium resolution, focus and depth perception. The Leica M530 OHX with TriFluoro supports FL400, FL560, and GLOW800 AR fluorescence modes for enhanced visualization of diseased tissue, vascular systems, and blood flow dynamics.

Leica M530 OHX features include:

  • FusionOptics, 225-600mm variable working distance
  • Ergonomic, independent binocular tubes with 360° rotation
  • SpeedSpot- Laser focusing aid
  • Dual 400W Xenon illumination
  • Automatic Balance and Intraoperative Balance
  • Protective Lens for premium viewing in sterile environment
  • Touch Screen User Interface + surgeon overview screen
  • Integrated High Definition Monitor
  • Integrated 2D or 3D Recording
  • BrightCare Plus for patient safety
  • AutoIris- Light Diameter Control
  • Ready for Image-Guided Surgery and Fluorescence Systems FL400, FL560, GLOW800 AR

Additional Accessories:

  • 12 Function Wireless Footswitch
  • Mouthswitch

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