Leica M820

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Built on the success of the 8-series APO OptiChromeTM, the Leica M820 sets a new standard for ophthalmic microsurgery for both anterior and posterior application. With proven technology and exceptional features, this microscope provides surgeons with a sharp and crisp image, natural color, outstanding depth of focus, and higher contrast for maximum detail recognition.

Double beam stereo illumination provides enhanced red reflex for anterior use. Using two bulbs allows for quick and accurate completion of surgical procedures with low light levels. Direct halogen illumination projects a crisp, sharp, and homogenous image. An extra boost for difficult visualization is provided by the integrated OttoFlexTM II illumination system. This unique system gives a brilliant red reflex even in low light conditions, making it easier to visualize difficult anatomical conditions such as small pupils or advanced cataracts.

The M820 is versatile to sit on F19, F20, and F40 suspension systems. F40 allows for a magnetic clutched brake system for added maneuverability. The Leica M820 is designed to accept the most used wide-angle observation systems and stereo image inverters like RUV800, Oculus/BIOMs for retinal use. Attachment to the Leica M820 for the Leica precision surgical slit illuminator is quick and easy, and laser shutters and filters can also be easily integrated.

Leica M820 features include:

  • APO OptiChrome technology enhances red reflex.
  • Double beam stereo illumination technology.
  • Interchangeable binoculars that allow for ergonomic customizations based on variations in end user.
  • Anterior and Posterior compatible
  • Allows for retinal procedures and accessories like Oculus/BIOM systems, RUV 800
  • OttoFlex II technology is an integrated independent illumination system for enhanced red reflex
  • Side assistant packages come standard.
  • Halogen bulbs
  • 16 function foot pedal
  • Up to 30 different users and individualized settings can be stored.
  • Onboard control unit and live image monitor
  • Compact and compatible with F19, F20, F40 suspension stands.
  • Documentation of still and live image capture. Prescott’s offers single-ship HD, three-chip HD, and 4K options.

Every piece of equipment has been refurbished, inspected, and tested by Certified Prescott’s Specialists

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