Leica PROvido Microscope

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The Leica PROvido is a mutli-disciplinary surgical microscope featuring Fusion Optics technology with variable working distance of 225mm-600mm and 300W xenon illumination. The compact optics carrier, floor stand and integrated features such as on-board HD monitor, HD C100 camera system, and optional fluorescence modules enable this microscope to handle your complex surgeries with the conveniences of modern technology, seamlessly integrated. Surgeons Familiar with Leica M525 F50 or M520 F40 surgical microscopes will be comfortable navigating the new features of the Leica PROvido microscope.

Leica PROvido Microscope Features:

  • Leica Fusion Optics Technology
  • APO OptiChrome Obejective lens with 225mm-600mm variable working distance
  • Speed Spot Laser focusing
  • Leica 115° Butterfly-Binoculars
  • Primary 300W Xenon Illumination
  • Secondary LED Illumination
  • True Auto Balance and Intraoperative Balance
  • Protective Lens for premium viewing in sterile environment
  • Touch Screen User interface
  • Integrated High Definition Monitor

Leica PROvido Additional benefits:

  • BrightCare Plus for patient safety
  • AutoIris- Light diameter Control
  • (SAI) Small Angle Illumination
  • 30-second complete reboot cycle
  • Integrated HD C100 Camera System

Ready for Image-Guided Surgery and Fluorescence Systems (Blue 400, Yellow 560, IR80)

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