Sony HVO-4000MT 4K 3D Recorder

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Sony is proud to introduce the HVO-3000MT, the world’s first 3D medical compliant HD video recorder that provides exceptional picture quality for both 3D and 2D video recording. Users can record up to 31 hours of high-quality images onto the robust internal hard disk drive and to a variety of removable media including Blu-ray® disc, DVD disc, USB removable hard disk drive, and USB flash memory. Built on the same platform as the popular HVO-1000MD 2D video recorder, the HVO-3000MT easily connects to the hospital network and offers live streaming of video recordings to medical staff or students outside the OR. Together with Sony’s medical compliant 24-inch LMD-2451MT monitor (viewable area, measured diagonally) and the MC-3000MT camera, the HVO-3000MT recorder is ideal for 3D/2D surgery applications.


  • 4K Video Recording, up to 3840 x 2160
  • Simultaneous Recording in 4K and HD
  • Simultaneous Recording to internal HDD & external media (Blue-Ray Disk, USB Drive, Network Server)
  • 4TB internal Storage for long recording duration
  • Accepts a wide range of video interfaces and signal types for 4K and 3D, microphone and foot switch control
  • Touch Panel Support
  • Real-time Streaming
  • Universal connectivity and compatibility with virtually all surgical camera systems
  • Supports Sony medical printers
  • Compliant with medical safety standards

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