Sony MCC3000MT 3D HD Camera

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The Sony MCC-3000MT is a medically compliant HD video camera that provides exceptional HD picture quality for both 3D and 2D video. The MCC-3000MT consists of two compact camera heads with 3 one half-inch (1920 X 1080) Exmor™ CMOS sensors, each featuring over 2 million pixels, plus one CCU (Camera Control Unit). By combining Exmor image sensors with Sony’s image processing technologies, the MCC-3000MT provides an excellent sensitivity of F10, a remarkable signal-to noise ratio of 54dB, and a wide dynamic range of 450%. It’s compact and light-weight design allows the camera’s C-mount heads to be easily mounted on a surgical microscope* and integrated into a variety of medical systems. Together with Sony’s medically compliant 24-inch LMD-2451MT monitor and HVO-3000MT recorder, the MCC-3000MT is ideal for displaying and recording 3D/2D surgery applications.


  • 3D/2D video
  • ½ -inch type Exmor™ Full-HD CMOS Sensors
  • Compact and Lightweight Camera Head Unit
  • Various Shooting Modes
  • RS-232C Interface
  • Intuitive Front Panel Operation
  • Flexible Selection of Camera Cables
  • Compliant with applicable Medical Standards

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