Zeiss OPMI Pico S100 Dental

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Zeiss OPMI Pico S100 provides a compact microscope body with 5-step magnification allowing you to best visualize areas of interest in an ideal, ergonomic position. Built to perform in the demanding specialties of restorative dentistry, endodontics, implantology and periodontics- this dental microscope boasts fine focus apochromatic objective lens, with further options for a  varioskop 100 lens, MORA interface, integrated HD video, rotation plate, endo wedge extension, or foldable binocular tube.


  • f170 0-180 binocular
  • f170/260 foldable binocular tube
  • 100W halogen, LED or 180W Xenon illumination
  • integrated HD 1080p Video Camera
  • assistant stereo co-observer
  • DSLR Camera attachment
  • MORA Interface
  • Varioskop 100; 200-300mm range
  • fine focus objective lens, f200mm/f250mm/f300mm/f350mm available
  • Orange Filter

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