Zeiss OPMI Vario 700

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The Zeiss OPMI Vario 700 is a multidisciplinary surgical microscope that offers renowned visual clarity from high end Zeiss optics, xenon illumination and integrated video chain. Improve workflow of operating room staff and surgeons via automated balancing, vacuum drape and optical design ergonomics. Configured for use in Ear/Nose/Throat, Spine and Neuro surgery, Plastics, Reconstructive and Hand surgeries boasting a focal distance range of 200-500mm. Contact Prescott's today for a customized quote for your surgical application.

Surgical Applications

  • Ear Nose Throat Microscopes
  • Hand & Plastics Microscopes
  • Neuro-Spine Microscopes

Optional Accessories

  • Zeiss Foldable f170/260 binocular tube
  • Vario Observer Bridge
  • Side Stereo Observer Ttube for neuro application
  • Integrated & External Video System and Recording Capability
  • OPMI Vario XY Coupling
  • Wireless Waterproof Foot switch control
  • Asepsis Supplies, Sterile Drapes
  • Autodrape Vacuum System


  • Autobalance
  • Programmable Hand Grip Controls
  • Motorized XY
  • 180W & 300W Xenon Light Source
  • Spot Illumination Control
  • Face to Face Optics
  • Aprochromatic Optics
  • Continuous variable working distance 200mm-500mm
  • 1:6 zoom ratio
  • Motorized Focus and Zoom
  • 10X or 12,5X Wide field Eyepieces
  • Electromagnetic Brakes
  • Control Panel with up to 9 surgeon customized settings
  • Navigation Guidance Compatible

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