Zeiss Pentero 800 S

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The Zeiss Pentero 800 S is the next evolution of the renowned Pentero 800 S and provides you with Visual Certainty at each step of the surgical procedure. Widely regarded as the pinnacle of excellence in neuro, spine surgery, plastic, and reconstructive surgery, the Pentero line has maintained its status as the gold standard for numerous years. An array of enhanced features and customizable options are now available with the Zeiss Pentero 800 S. These upgrades enable the system to cater to a broader range of medical specialties, catering to the needs of surgical centers and hospitals alike.

Zeiss Pentero 800 S features include:

  • Varioskop, Apochromatic 200-500mm working distance, 200-625mm option available.
  • Laser Autofocus
  • ZoomMemory
  • AutoBalance
  • SMARTDRAPE and AutoDrape
  • Integrated High-Definition Video Camera, Recording and Editing
  • 4K Video Package – Fully integrated 3-chip 4K camera 2160p
  • Supports Navigation, Infrared 800, Flow 800, Yellow 560
  • LAN and DICOM interface

Additional Accessories:

  • Wireless Foot Control
  • Mouth switch
  • Zeiss F170/F260 Foldable Binocular Tube

Every piece of equipment has been refurbished, inspected, and tested by Certified Prescott’s Specialists

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