Revolutionize Your Surgical Practice with Prescott’s Microscope Cameras & Video Equipment

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October 4, 2023

With over 30 years of experience, Prescott’s, Inc. has become synonymous with delivering high-quality refurbished surgical microscopes and services. Our affordable, modern optical instruments for ophthalmologists, ENT surgeons, dental specialists, and neurosurgeons are the best choice for institutions and clinics of all sizes. What many people don’t know, however, is that Prescott’s is also a leading provider of new and used surgical microscope cameras, adapters, image capturing, and video recording systems.

The Importance of Digital Imaging in Surgery

In modern medicine, surgical microscopes play a pivotal role, particularly when the stakes are high and the margin for error is low. In recent years, surgical microscopes have even been upgraded to record live videos that can document cutting-edge surgical procedures. The high-resolution microscope camera with image injection, 3D display, or fluorescence imaging can play just as important a role as the scalpel for surgeons to achieve excellent surgical outcomes.

The Prescott’s Difference: Range and Affordability

Prescott’s makes microscopic video imaging technology accessible to medical institutions large and small. Our product range includes newly distributed and used surgical microscope cameras, surgical monitors, video recorders, video adapters, video towers, and video accessories. As with all of our products, used devices undergo rigorous refurbishing processes and are backed by our comprehensive warranty, so patients get the best care possible while practices get minimal downtime. When it comes to surgical microscope cameras and video equipment, Prescott’s isn’t just another vendor; we’re your partner in delivering quality healthcare.

Types of Microscopic Recording Devices

Prescott’s carries everything you need to equip your facility with the best surgical microscope cameras and video equipment:

  • Microscope Cameras: High-resolution digital video microscope cameras provide excellent performance with multiple solutions, offering the latest technology from trusted world-class brands such as Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Ikegami, and MedXChange. Designed for application in medical microscopy, our selective surgical microscope video cameras give you access to the sharpest images available.

  • Surgical Monitors: High-quality surgical monitors significantly improve the standard of surgical image viewing. Available items include Sony’s 3D HD Monitor, which offers a truer visual experience to help surgeons quickly grasp, cut, and suture tissue.

  • Surgical Video Recorder: Surgical recorders let you easily capture full motion HD video or still images and even live stream to those outside the operating room. Products include Medicapture Pro Series Medical Video Recorder, which features an easy built-in touch screen and comes with advanced patient workflow capabilities. Video recorders are essential for sharing between healthcare facilities, surgery centers, and operating rooms for post-surgery review, conferences, and archive storage.

  • Video Accessories: Adapters and specialized accessories allow you to fine-tune your microscopic recording devices to get the most out of your technology. Items include Sony’s HD on the Go mobile cart, which is portable, stocked with all the HD video equipment necessary for today’s ORs, and can be customized to your specifications.

How to Integrate Video and Recording into Your Surgical Practice

Taking the leap into high-tech surgical microscope cameras and video equipment is easier than you might think. Here are some easy steps to seamlessly integrate video and recording capabilities with your existing microscopes:


The future of surgery is not just about the hands that wield the scalpel; it’s also about the technology that enhances those hands. Prescott’s advanced surgical microscope cameras and video equipment are more than just a tool; they’re a partnership in bettering patient care.

For further information on how surgical video equipment can revolutionize your practice, get in touch with a member of our qualified sales team. Reach out via our website or call us toll-free at 1-800-438-3937 (1-719-481-3353 if outside the USA). You can also email us directly at

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