Surgical Microscopes: The Ultimate Guide to Service and Maintenance

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by Prescott's
August 7, 2023

Surgical microscopes play a crucial role in the field of healthcare and dentistry. To ensure the optimal performance and longevity of these advanced instruments, it’s essential to invest in regular servicing and maintenance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of surgical microscope service and explore the top-notch offerings provided by Prescott’s Inc., a leading provider in the industry.

Why Choose Prescott’s, Inc. for Surgical Microscope Service?

Prescott’s, Inc. is a renowned name in surgical microscope service, known for our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With over 35 years of experience, we have established ourselves as the leader in providing top-quality service and consolidated support for surgical microscopes from brands such as Zeiss, Leica, Alcon, and Haag-Streit/Moller-Wedel.

“Communication between myself & the service techs are exceptional & service is fast & efficient. I have never had a bad experience in all the years I have worked with them. Our microscopes, especially our Pentero, which takes a beating from our OR staff, is always in great condition & well-kept. Thank you, guys, for your great service & attention you provide to our hospital. Keep up the awesome job!”

-Debbie Reitano, Senior Service Coordinator at Pennsylvania Hospital

Here are some key reasons why you should choose Prescott’s for all your surgical microscope servicing needs:

When it comes to surgical microscope service, expertise matters. Prescott’s boasts a team of highly skilled technicians who have extensive experience working with a wide range of surgical microscope brands. Whether you have a brand-new model or an older version deemed obsolete by other OEMs, Prescott’s has you covered.

Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to surgical microscope service. Prescott’s takes pride in being the only ISO 13485 national service provider for surgical microscopes. This certification ensures we adhere to the highest quality management systems standards for the medical device industry. With Prescott’s, you can trust that your surgical microscope will receive the best care possible.

At Prescott’s, customer service is a top priority. We understand the importance of prompt and efficient support, especially regarding critical medical equipment like surgical microscopes. With the best-in-industry response times from dedicated local technicians, you can rest assured knowing that your needs will be addressed promptly. Prescott’s values our customers and strives to provide the best service experience possible.

“I am writing to recommend Prescott’s, Inc. as a service provider for surgical and clinical microscopes. The company has assisted us in repairing several of our Zeiss floor microscopes. They provide service in a timely and capable manner. I have no doubt they will continue to provide quality service in the future.”
– Edward Au, Biomedical Technician at Ochsner Medical Center

Prescott’s aims to provide cost-effective solutions from purchasing surgical microscopes to lifetime support and service. You’ll experience 30-50% cost reductions compared to OEM microscope services by choosing Prescott’s for your servicing needs. We offer a range of service contracts tailored to fit the specific requirements of different facilities, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Comprehensive Surgical Microscope Service Offerings

Prescott’s offers a wide range of surgical microscope services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you require repair, preventative maintenance, optical cleaning, or service agreements, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a closer look at each of these offerings:

Prescott’s specializes in surgical microscope repair, ensuring your instrument is restored to its optimal condition. Our factory-trained technicians are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle various brands and models of surgical microscopes. From Zeiss to Leica, we can handle it all.

Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to keep your surgical microscope functioning at its best. Prescott’s offers comprehensive microscope maintenance and cleaning services to ensure your microscope remains in optimal condition. By adhering to a proactive maintenance schedule, you can prevent potential issues and prolong the lifespan of your instrument.

Prescott’s understands that every facility has unique servicing and maintenance needs. That’s why we offer flexible service contracts with our 24-hour guaranteed on-site response time and fixed annual service cost. Tailored to suit different requirements, Prescott’s offers three value-driven coverage packages to meet your needs and budget.

At Prescott’s, customer satisfaction is our top priority. With a 24-hour guaranteed on-site response time for contracted partners, you can rely on Prescott’s dedicated experts whenever you need assistance. Our team can address your queries and provide technical support onsite, over the phone, or via video to ensure you receive the best service experience possible.

“We have been using Prescott’s, Inc. services over the last several years and would like to share that we have been very pleased. The sales and services provided by Prescott’s have been commendable and accommodating to our needs.”
– Claudia Bussiere, RN, BSN VP of Operations and Administrator, East Bay Surgery Center, LLC

The Prescott’s Advantage

What sets Prescott’s apart from other service providers in the industry? Let’s take a look at the advantages of choosing Prescott’s for all your surgical microscope service needs:

Prescott’s Inc. offers our US and UK customers local support, ensuring you receive personalized assistance whenever required. With our local support, you can expect quick response times and comprehensive service at your doorstep.

Prescott’s, Inc. stands behind the quality of our service. All parts and labor provided by Prescott’s come with a two-year warranty, twice that of the OEM, offering you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. This extensive warranty reflects our confidence in our service quality and demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Prescott’s, Inc. takes pride in our team of expert technicians who receive comprehensive training and education to stay at the forefront of the industry. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in electrical and optical systems and are supported by a complete refurbishing facility. From service manual study to practical application training, we ensure that our technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to handle any surgical microscope-related issue.

Prescott’s, Inc. understands the importance of minimizing surgery downtime. Our technicians are expertly qualified to perform on-site diagnostics, repairs, component replacements, and accessory system installations. With our on-site services, you can get your surgical microscope up and running quickly, allowing you to focus on delivering the best care to your patients.

When it comes to surgical microscope service and maintenance, Prescott’s stands out as a trusted partner. Our commitment to quality, expertise, and customer service sets us apart from the competition. With extensive service offerings that include repairs, maintenance, and service agreements, Prescott’s ensures that your surgical microscope remains in optimal condition throughout its lifespan.

Contact Prescott’s today to connect with your local representative and let us know how we can support your surgical microscope needs.


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