Leica M320 F12 Microscope

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Leica M320 F12, the premium, compact microscope for procedures of the Ear, Nose and Throat with forward design yet affordable value. Leica has integrated the LED illumination( two LEDs), and provided an option for integrated CCD HD 1080p video with an easily accessible SD card for image capture and recording. Choose between the f170 straight binocular tube or Leicas inclinable 0-180 binoculars, each with 10X or 12,5X widefield eyepieces. 5-step magnification for 1:6 zoom ratio with light intensity knob and spot illumination available conveniently on the compact microscope optics. Large optical field of view at 65mm and fine focus APOchromatic lens, available at fixed focal length or fine focusing lens at f200/f250/f300mm.


  • Full HD 1080p integrated camera / remote control
  • 32G SD card or transfer data via USB cable
  • Orange Filter (530nm)
  • dual LED illumination for shadow free field of view
  • 1.5x-40x magnification range
  • APOchromatic 5-step magnificaiton Changer
  • f170 straight binocular tube
  • f170 0-180 binocular tube
  • f200mm/f250mm/f300mm fine focus objective lens
  • Light intensity Knob

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